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The RoadMap: Baby's First Year

A mother with a newborn doesn’t have time to read a 200-page book on mothering, nor a chapter on “Why Is My Baby Crying?” This “two-page” RoadMap to Baby’s First Year is a quick reference guide (34" x 24") for mothers who need easy-to-find information. The author, Jane Terjung has taken the whole mothering task and distilled it down to its most important rules and tips.

Each part of the RoadMap contains useful information, pertinent illustrations, and a bit of humor. This RoadMap will appeal to your senses, tickle your funny bone, and meet your need to be informed. It’s beautifully designed with tear-resistant paper, hand illustrations, quick reference keys, and humor-infused tips and ideas.

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The RoadMap: Healthcare for Baby Boomers
The RoadMap: Healthcare for Baby Boomers

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